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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Needle Felting Course for Begginers 23th of June, 7of July 2012

In this workshop you will learn how to use needle felting tools, and felting techniques to create colourful textured art.You don't have to have any experience as needle felting lends itself nicely to having a little bit of fun with colour and merino fibre.By the end of the class you will have completed a cute little ornament or mini corsage. This class will have a maximum of 6 people to allow for individual attention.  Class must have a minimum of 4 participants to take place.
Experience level: Begginers
Class fee: 25euro
Class duration: 2hours
If you are interested in this class please email us for information.
Our next class will be on the 23th of June ,7of July 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Origami Kusudama Flower Decoration


The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together.Kusudama originate from ancient Japanese culture, where they were used for incense and potpouri possibly originally being actual bunches of flowers or herbs. The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words kusuri, Medicine, and tama, Ball.
They are now typically used as decorations, or as gifts.With Easter just few days away its a great way to fold a quick origami flower decoration.
For a simple tutorial please visit