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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sugar and Spice Dried Fruit Garlands

A garland of dried apples, oranges rind , orange slices, nutmeg, cinnamon , anise, bay leaves and nuts adds a lovely color and scent to any room.

Before making your garland you will need to dry your fruit slices. Slice fruit into 1/4 inch slices and place on paper towel lined dish. To dry apples, dip the slices in lemon juice to prevent them from discoloring. Cover with more paper towels. Line a glass  pan with 4 layers of paper towels Microwave the fruit at 50 percent power for 3 minutes. Turn the fruit over and arrange the slices on dry areas of the paper towels. Let the  fruit air dry for a day or two. Put the fruit slices on a glass plate that has been lined with paper towels and place in a warm, dry place  It will speed up the drying time if you change the towels several times. This will give your slices a better color.

How to make a garland:
1.Take a foot length of wire and twist a small loop at one end. Run 3 strands of raffia through the loop and knot them in the center. You may use any length of wire and adjust the materials accordingly.
2. Break all the cinnamon sticks in half. Use a large nail to make a small hole in the center of each one. The hole should just be large enough to thread the wire through.
3. Push the wire through the center of three apple slices to begin the garland. Add three cinnamon garland. Add three cinnamon slices , 3 bay leaves, then another three cinnamon sticks. Add three more apple slices to start the pattern again. Continue stringing the materials in this order until gone or you have reached the desired length of garland.
4. Finish the garland by twisting the wire into a loop at the end and running the other 3 strands of raffia through the loop. Tie the raffia in a knot at the center of the lengths. Hang the garland by tying the raffia ends onto the object. It may be draped horizontally or vertically.
Holiday Variations: Use large pine cones and holly leaves (instead of bay leaves) to make a holiday spice wreath

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eco Christmas Wrapping Idea

This is the season to get your wrap on! December brings snow, holiday cheer and warm wishes for the upcoming new year, and assembly line of gifts that we’ve either baked, crafted or purchased that need a little love in the wrapping department.Here are a few of my ideas when using kraft paper.Simple, cute,sustainable and inexpensive way to wrap your lovely gifts for the ones you love.I did the wraping and Lily created the lovely kirigami stars;o) Oh and hey, Happy Wrapping!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cold Clay Christmas Decoration Workshop

Get into the holiday spirit with this fun clay workshop and make your own Christmas presents or decorations for the tree-use your imagination! ceramic surfaces, while beautiful and durable by nature, can be limiting sometimes. For aesthetic and technical reasons, or just to flex the creative muscle, explore the vast variety of alternatives available. This workshop is an introduction to non-fired, non-glaze ceramic surfaces.

Needle Felted Christmas Decorations 8th of December

Come and learn how to do needle felting,feel the cozy warmth of the natural wool and leave with some fabulous Christmas decorations and the ability to make more! We will go through the simple techniques used in needle felting and then show you how easy it is to create beautiful fun baubles and decorations.
 Treat yourselves to a lovely day out and go home with decorations ideal for gifts or to decorate your abode and get you in the mood for that festive season!
No experience necessary,all materials tincluded.
To book a space  please send us a message at

Crafts2Cherish has been published in Hand Crafted Magazine the best of Stampington&Company

We are excited about being published in the  well known Hand Crafted magazine published by Stampington &Company.
HandCrafted showcases ''the best of the best'' of Stampington & Company providing us with 250+ favorite crafting projects (along with instructions). Here you will find the most outstanding projects carefully selected to each represent the quality of artwork.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Embroidery Workshop 24th of November


Extraordinary Embroidery
Learn the classic skill of embroidery, with a contemporary twist!
Equally fitting for both the absolute beginner and those who wish to improve their skills. 

*Become a super stitcher with running stitch, satin stitch, back stitch and French knots
*We provide hoop, needles, thread, and different fabric
*Learn to transfer images onto fabric
*Practice on traditional or contemporary patterns
*Take away instructions to keep stitching at home!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Creative Autumn Classes with Crafts2Cherish

Thanks to all of our lovely students Catriona,Niamh,Sophie,Ciara,Andrea, Lucy and Mary  for another successful craft workshop experience today!
 The crafts produced during this brief time together were truly amazing to behold.
We appreciate everyone’s hard work and diligence.
Or participants may choose from a wide variety of craft workshops to participate in over the weekend, while enjoying delicious cup of tea or coffee. Every season we add new classes to keep our event fresh and inspiring.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Needle Felting Workshop 1st of September 2012

Image&Artwork: Crafts2Cherish

In this workshop you will learn how to use needle felting tools, and felting techniques to create colourful textured art.You don't have to have any experience as needle felting lends itself nicely to having a little bit of fun with colour and merino fibre.By the end of the class you will have completed a cute little ornament or mini corsage. This class will have a maximum of 6people to allow for individual attention. 
Experience level: Begginers
Class fee: 25euro
Class duration:approx. 2hours
If you are interested in this class please email us for information.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Crayon Tutorial

This is a very easy and simple project to do. It is a fun craft project to do with your little ones as well. These homemade crayons make for really fun, and economical party favors for any age, and it's a great use for all those broken up crayons lying around the house.

What you'll need:

* Wax crayons
* metal can
* metal or silicone baking molds

1. If ythe tin is not so hot.)our crayons have paper labels, take them off with a craft knife.
2. Break up the crayons into equal pieces so they melt evenly, and place them into the can. You can use similar shades of one color or mix crayon colors for a groovy effect or put some glitter on the bottom of the mold!
3. Place your can in a low oven (about 100 Deg C) until it's all melted. It does not take more than 5 minutes.
4. Pour the melted wax carefully into the molds until it's level, and let it set in the fridge. Please note: Molds cannot be used again for cooking!When melted, carefully remove from the oven.  Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once they cool down a bit)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fairy Tales&Stories and The Artist Vladislav Yerko


Ukrainian artis Vladislav Yerko is famous for his outwordly beautiful illustrations to fairytale books.The immense amount of time and painstaking effort he puts into his work is evident the moment one lays eyes on it.As a young boy Yerko lived in his grandmother's house in the village of Privniv until he was seven years old  and he considers this to be the best time of his life.He spent his first year sleeping in large suitcase,which rested on a chair under a lilac tree,and likening his childhood to that of Mowgli,from Kipling's jungle book.
His surroundings-the forest and river,insect and fish-all left a deep lasting impression on the young boy and to this day,flora,fauna and the diversity of nature's beauty serve as the wellspring of his inspiration.
He is internationaly recognized artist and he illustrated such books as The Snow Queen,Alice in wonderland,Gulliver's Travels..and the Ukrainian version of Harry Potter.His style has been influenced by such artists as Max Ernst,M.C.Escher and one of our favourite artist Albin Brunovsky.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Needle Felting Course for Begginers 23th of June, 7of July 2012

In this workshop you will learn how to use needle felting tools, and felting techniques to create colourful textured art.You don't have to have any experience as needle felting lends itself nicely to having a little bit of fun with colour and merino fibre.By the end of the class you will have completed a cute little ornament or mini corsage. This class will have a maximum of 6 people to allow for individual attention.  Class must have a minimum of 4 participants to take place.
Experience level: Begginers
Class fee: 25euro
Class duration: 2hours
If you are interested in this class please email us for information.
Our next class will be on the 23th of June ,7of July 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Origami Kusudama Flower Decoration


The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together.Kusudama originate from ancient Japanese culture, where they were used for incense and potpouri possibly originally being actual bunches of flowers or herbs. The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words kusuri, Medicine, and tama, Ball.
They are now typically used as decorations, or as gifts.With Easter just few days away its a great way to fold a quick origami flower decoration.
For a simple tutorial please visit

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intro to Wet Felting for Beginners 2nd of June 2012

Learn how to turn soft wool fibers into a dense fabric. Feltmaking is an ancient method of creating fabrics that has become extremely popular.Simple felt making techniques will be explained with everyone making one or more pieces of flat felt suited to the use to cut and sew designs, coasters and other accessory items and we will experiment with blending colors & textures. Plenty of examples & project ideas will be on display. After you have completed our beginners feltmaking workshop, you can then come back later to learn more about three-dimensional felt making ,needle felting etc.

All materials are included.
Experience level:Beginners
Workshop fee:30euro, duration: 2 1/2 hour

I loved this workshop and I've recommended it already to all my friends!Jessica
I have a new hobby that will be very useful to create presents for my family and friend.Denise
This course was informative, relaxed and inspiring. Kathy

Funky felted playfood

Order up! This felt breakfast set is perfect for pretend restaurant experience.
Yum! Who knew that  eggs could come from a sheep?This breakfast is made of 100% wool.
Pretend play food from hand made felt is a great choice for eco-conscious people with small kids. No worries about plastic,chemicals ...Or they are great as a funky gift with some felted bacon and toast:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Decor Wreath Making Workshop 23th of June,14th of July

Come for a few fun-filled hours and leave with beautiful floral wreath to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home.Adorn your front door, hang above a mantel or display in a window.
On this workshop we will create a stunning wreath made using paper and a wreath frame.
 It’s gorgeous and whimsical style with bright, fun colors and is perfect for the spring season!
Our designers will walk you through the entire process of making one of these gorgeous wreaths. 
Then you get to make one and enjoy! All materials provided, bring a friend and join the fun.
Price:25euro,course lenght 2hrs.Please e-mail us to reserve place

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Needle Felted Easter Decorations 10th of March,31st of March

Needle felting is fun and once learned, you will find many ways to incorporate a needle felted piece in many of your projects. In this class you will be making a felted eggs&chicks just in time for Easter!  You will learn how to safely and effectively use a felting needle.Considered one of the hottest new crafts today,making spring decoration could be are a great way to discover the joys of this craft.
All materials&refreshments provided for class.2 1/2 hours,Price 25euro,Booking

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pampering Bath Treats Workshop

If you enjoy creating and learning green crafts in this course you will discover how to care for your skin and body in a holistic way.How to create your very own hand-made and totally gorgeous bath products that will feel wonderful on the skin,but won't harm planet eart,its people or animals.Create a gorgeous set of bath treats – perfect as a gift or to keep yourself! Learn professional techniques and work with natural products including pure essential oils, flower waters, dried botanicals and much more!*Recipes and ingredient supply lists included.
You’ll make the following:
*A large jar of sugar body scrub
*Two cocoa butter massage bars
*Soothing lip balm, perfect for your purse
*A generous tray of mini bath fizz hearts
Booking essential.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewing Workshop for Begginers 23rd of June

Do you need help to understand paper patterns, how to hem, stitch seams, fastenings & make bags? Then this is the class for you. Thread up your machine, correct the tension, use straight stitch, machine zig-zag, follow a paper pattern & Learn methods of fastenings.(Must have your own sewing machine for this workshop).You will complete a simple fabric bag/tote on this class.
Class fee: 25euro
Class duration:2 1/2hours

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hand Felted Purse Making Workshop 30th of June

This course teaches the Scandinavian style technique that allow the student to create a seamless three dimensional purse- beginning with a flat resist form. Skills taught are design, felting technique,learning basic density and edge techniques, color blending  and and shaping. Ideally,in  this workshop format students can expect to complete 1 project.During this 4 hour workshop, each student will make a felt bag with shaped, fold over flap and flange edges that may be shaped and cut to your taste. Students will learn the wet Felting process, how to use a resist to maintain the bag opening and how to incorporate surface design pattern techniques (if so desired). We are making the felt fabric from un-spun fiber into the shape of the bag. Please take one of our other felting classes prior to this class.Places are limited to 6-8 participants per course so if you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.Materials provided include a selection of fibers, resists, etc.We look forward to meeting all interested in exploring the delights of feltmaking.
Experience level: intermediate,
Class fee: 60euro
Class duration:4hours
Our next classes start on Saturday the 21st of April 2012 at 2p.m.

Hand Felted Flower Corsage Workshop 30th of June 2012


Make a small piece of art to wear on a jacket or give as a gift.
Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn the ancient art of feltmaking. Using just fluffy wool fibres, soap, water and some rubbing you of beautiful pieces.Please email to register.  will make your own completely unique item of jewellery like necklaces,bracelets and rings. You will go home with lots of ideas and newfound skills as well as your own collection. No experience needed, just your imagination.
Class duration;2 hours
Class fee:25euro
Booking trough email ( required.

Textile Printing Workshop

This class will show you  how to print with anything.
You will learn the many ways to print images on to textile,stamps,carved shapes and stencils.
In addition we will also use natural colours in potatoprinting and print textiles with potato.All necessary equipment for printing (stencils,stamps, carving knives, papers, paints, textile, brushes, sponges, pencils, pens, etc.) are available on the spot. We also have textile paints for printing, you are welcome to bring your own (cotton or woollen) textiles or clothing for that purpose.Booking essential.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate Heart Melts Tutorial

If you want to surprise your loved ones on Valentines day with a lovely breakfast you can also make some cute chocolate heart melts.You can pop the hearts in the hot milk and make a quick and delicious hot chocolate treat.

♥ You will need:
  • Around 30gr of chocolate /dark,milk or white 
  • Wooden sticks/get them in the craft shop or pick up some from coffee shops
  • Silicone mold eg.for ice cubes
  • Red cardboard stock paper
  • Scissors,pencil,Paper glue or double sided tape
  • Spoon,Bamboo sticks and small rubber bands
  • Cellophane + ribbons for wrapping

Draw your heart shape on the paper,cut out and decorate with white pen.
Glue the  paper heart on the wooden stick.

Prepare your silicone mold and melt the chocolate in bain marie.
Place 2 bamboo sticks on top of the mold and hold them together with few rubber bands.
Spoon  the melted chocolate in the mold and put in in the fridge until it sets.Take out the chocolate gently  from mold, wrap in some cellophane and tie with  a lovely ribbon or enjoy with a cup of hot milk.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kirigami Workshop 14th of April,19of May 23rd of June

Kirigami is a Japanese art form similar to origami - the art of paper folding, the difference is with Kirigami you fold and cut the paper. Cut colorful paper into beautiful designs and images.Please bring a pair of scissors with a sharp point, and we will guide you through the process of making your beautiful and unique kirigami paper decorations.Booking trough email ( required.

Gingerbread Making Workshop

Creating gingerbread  has a timeless tradition. Join us for a workshop and learn creative ideas and tips while making your own gingerbread creation.Learn how to make the dough and the pattern pieces, how to roll out the dough and bake the pieces,  and how to decorate. The joy is really in the making, of the coming together to work on all the steps that are required to make the fragrant and tasty gingerbread cookies.
Looking for a Girl's Night Out, or just a fun and creative evening with friends?  Join us and enjoy  while crafting a gingerbread ornaments.Please email to book a place and you will receive a letter of confirmation, so that you know you have a place reserved.
Looking for a new family tradition?  Join us for a family friendly workshop.Booking essential

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hand Felted Soap Workshop

A felted bar of soap works as a body scrub for gentle exfoliating! An all natural scrubby for your face, hands, your whole body.Come and  learn how to felt soap at this fun, creative workshop. We will cover our soaps with wool tops in a wet felted technique.Great for gardeners also and makes a perfect gift,and the kids love it! It adds a bit of creativity to your bathroom, is long lasting and making it is just plain fun!
This craft course is suitable for begginers and more advanced crafters and children from age 11.The cost is  25euro for 2hour class.Please email to register.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shabby Chic Burlap Hearts Workshop

If you love the farmhouse shabby chic look then you will enjoy making these natural burlap ornaments .They will look so rustic-chic decorating a Valentine's gift, hanging from a doorknob, or tucked into a wreath or centerpiece.
Burlap hearts and banners could make a cute personalized touch for your wedding day, but you can use it to decorate your home.

They'd be perfect for a shabby chic, rustic wedding.
Please book in advance.

Felted Foot Wear Workshop September 2012

A chance to indulge your footwear fantasies.Whether it's slippers fit for Marie Antoinette..or just something to snuggle in on cold evening,this course will provide you with all the know how and lots of inspiration.You will learn how to make a resist based on your shoe size and how to shape your can make ballet style slipers or mules.A great present idea!
All materials and refreshments will be provided.
For further information about the workshop price and venue, please conctact us on above mentioned phone number.
P.S.:We are meberss of the Irish Craft Council and the Feltmakers Ireland
Level:intermediate and advanced
Course fee: 65euro
Course duration:5 1/2hours
Next class starts in September 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick carrot & walnut bread recipe

Very quick and so easy to make with great texture and wonderful crust.Much of the bread we buy has all sorts of unnecessary additives.To make this bread you don't need a bread maker, you don’t even need a bread tin.All you need is a bowl, oven, a small surface on which to mix the bread, a baking tray and the ingredients to make a really simple, really great loaf of bread – hot, out of the oven, with butter or anything else you fancy.

250g plain flour
250g wholemeal flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
150g carrots , peeled and grated
a handful walnuts, toasted
300ml Greek style white yogurt
125ml milk
sesami or other seeds

  1. Heat oven to 230C/fan 210C/gas 8. Mix the flours, salt and bicarbonate of soda, then stir in the carrot, walnuts and yogurt, followed by enough of the milk to make a soft, quite sticky dough.
  2. Tip onto a floured surface and form a flat ball, put on a baking sheet, slash the top,sprinkle with seeds and bake for 30 minutes until risen and baked. Its ready when a skewer comes out clean from the bread.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


May each day of the New Year 2012 bring Happiness, Good Health ,Cheer and Sweet Surprises to you and all your loved ones. Happy New Year!