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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bath Bomb making Workshop,Friday 7th of August 2015

Have fun making fizzy bath treats using 100% natural ingredients and essential oils!
The workshop is a hands on session where you can create bath bombs,including additional luxury ingredients like petals,seeds and nourishing oils.We will also be discussing how to blend essential oils for use in the bath,so you use the right concentration to fragrance your new creations!
Class starts at 6pm,Duration:approx. 2.hours
Maximum number of participants:6
Please email us to register.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cold Clay Vessel making Workshop-Botanical Imprints on Thursday 30th of July 2015 at 6p.m.

We love gardens and the beauty of nature and strive to let this be reflected in our work.Seasons decide what plant materials are available in the gardens when we create the clay vessels,so a particular impression is only available during the plant's growing season.Also,the great thing about our botanical vessels is that no two pieces are ever the same.
This modeling clay allows artisans between 1- 2 hours to complete their art work.
Participants will create a small vessel from cold clay with different surface textures.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Felt Making with Kids,23 of July 2015

Design,pat,roll and squish!Discover the magic of wet-felting and turn soft,fluffy wool into a felted picture or a toy.The felted pictures are the perfect size for a coaster,mat for the dolls house,or framed!All materials supplied.Just add imagination!For children 5 - 10 years old,and 4 year olds with a caregiver.15euro per child.
Bookings required as spaces are limited.

Cold Clay Vessel Making Workshop with Leaf Imprint,21 st of July

Summer is finally back in Dublin and there is an abundance of leaves and flowers!Collect a few and bring them to this vessel making workshop.Find some leaves with good texture and we'll make something beautiful!Please note that this is not a pottery wheel workshop,cold clay is air drying,no kiln or oven is required in the drying process.
Class starts at 6pm,
Duration:approx. 2.hours
Class fee:25euro
Maximum number of participants:6
Please email us to register.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plant Weaving

Encouraging children to explore our natural resources is such a wonderful opportunity to promote curiosity and discovery through wonderful sensory experiences.
Our group of Crafty cherries learned to create simple looms that kids can carry around to collect nature treasures.The first thing we find are our sticks,you need four to do each loom. Next, we gather what we will weave with.We collected a variety of flowers and plants.We tied a knot at one end of the top stick then zigzagged my way across the loom,wrapping the yarn around twice to hold it in place at each spot.Once the loom is ready, you can start to weave the plants through the thread.Once complete, you have a little nature tapestry to display.Displaying them is so much fun though and they still look beautiful after they dry out.