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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Crayon Tutorial

This is a very easy and simple project to do. It is a fun craft project to do with your little ones as well. These homemade crayons make for really fun, and economical party favors for any age, and it's a great use for all those broken up crayons lying around the house.

What you'll need:

* Wax crayons
* metal can
* metal or silicone baking molds

1. If ythe tin is not so hot.)our crayons have paper labels, take them off with a craft knife.
2. Break up the crayons into equal pieces so they melt evenly, and place them into the can. You can use similar shades of one color or mix crayon colors for a groovy effect or put some glitter on the bottom of the mold!
3. Place your can in a low oven (about 100 Deg C) until it's all melted. It does not take more than 5 minutes.
4. Pour the melted wax carefully into the molds until it's level, and let it set in the fridge. Please note: Molds cannot be used again for cooking!When melted, carefully remove from the oven.  Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once they cool down a bit)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fairy Tales&Stories and The Artist Vladislav Yerko


Ukrainian artis Vladislav Yerko is famous for his outwordly beautiful illustrations to fairytale books.The immense amount of time and painstaking effort he puts into his work is evident the moment one lays eyes on it.As a young boy Yerko lived in his grandmother's house in the village of Privniv until he was seven years old  and he considers this to be the best time of his life.He spent his first year sleeping in large suitcase,which rested on a chair under a lilac tree,and likening his childhood to that of Mowgli,from Kipling's jungle book.
His surroundings-the forest and river,insect and fish-all left a deep lasting impression on the young boy and to this day,flora,fauna and the diversity of nature's beauty serve as the wellspring of his inspiration.
He is internationaly recognized artist and he illustrated such books as The Snow Queen,Alice in wonderland,Gulliver's Travels..and the Ukrainian version of Harry Potter.His style has been influenced by such artists as Max Ernst,M.C.Escher and one of our favourite artist Albin Brunovsky.