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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sugar and Spice Dried Fruit Garlands

A garland of dried apples, oranges rind , orange slices, nutmeg, cinnamon , anise, bay leaves and nuts adds a lovely color and scent to any room.

Before making your garland you will need to dry your fruit slices. Slice fruit into 1/4 inch slices and place on paper towel lined dish. To dry apples, dip the slices in lemon juice to prevent them from discoloring. Cover with more paper towels. Line a glass  pan with 4 layers of paper towels Microwave the fruit at 50 percent power for 3 minutes. Turn the fruit over and arrange the slices on dry areas of the paper towels. Let the  fruit air dry for a day or two. Put the fruit slices on a glass plate that has been lined with paper towels and place in a warm, dry place  It will speed up the drying time if you change the towels several times. This will give your slices a better color.

How to make a garland:
1.Take a foot length of wire and twist a small loop at one end. Run 3 strands of raffia through the loop and knot them in the center. You may use any length of wire and adjust the materials accordingly.
2. Break all the cinnamon sticks in half. Use a large nail to make a small hole in the center of each one. The hole should just be large enough to thread the wire through.
3. Push the wire through the center of three apple slices to begin the garland. Add three cinnamon garland. Add three cinnamon slices , 3 bay leaves, then another three cinnamon sticks. Add three more apple slices to start the pattern again. Continue stringing the materials in this order until gone or you have reached the desired length of garland.
4. Finish the garland by twisting the wire into a loop at the end and running the other 3 strands of raffia through the loop. Tie the raffia in a knot at the center of the lengths. Hang the garland by tying the raffia ends onto the object. It may be draped horizontally or vertically.
Holiday Variations: Use large pine cones and holly leaves (instead of bay leaves) to make a holiday spice wreath

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