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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homemade Eau de Cologne recipe

We love natural cosmetics and always make our own creams and lotions.During the summer we made a lovely and light Eau de Cologne with few herbs and spices.This recipe is from James Wong's fabulous book: Grown your own drugs.
Cologne and all other liquid scents are simply a mixture of fragrant oils and alcohol .You too can create your own favourite signature scent if you start to experiment with this recipe. Best is to make it in summer when  fresh flowers and herbs are available.
It's important to test homemade cologne before you actually use it. Not only do you want to experience the full scent, you need to check for any allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of cologne to a patch of skin on your arm. Wait 24 hours to check for any adverse reactions. If no reactions are noted, the cologne is safe to use.

You'll need:
  • enough vodka /80% proof or 40% alcohol/
  • handfuls of fresh basil,lavender and lemon balm
  • Other herbs you can use: rosemary,mint,sage
  • few fresh pansies (viola tricolor)
  • peel of 1/4 organic lemon or organic orange or both if you like citrus smell.
  • Spices you can add:cardamom, aniseed, cinnamon
To create a light and refreshing cologne, roughly chop your basil, lavender ,lemon balm along with your other chioce of herbs and the add the chopped lemon or orange peel in a wide mouthed jar.Cover with vodka and seal your jar.Leave to steep in dark warm place for 12 hours to capture volatile oils.Do not leave in your herbs and lemon or orange peel longer.
Next day strain and leave your infused vodka to 'mature' for 2weeks.After you can make a decision about scent- you can put in your jar more herbs and leave them again in the vodka for 12 hours or overnight then strain.
If you would like to add some spices ,these can be infused now. Add only a small amount and leave to infuse for 2weeks, shaking the bottle well once a week and after strain again.Once you're happy with the scent, pour into spray bottles.Your all natural Eau de Cologne will keep for up to 1year.

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